The Top 3 Ways Call Centers Can Revolutionize Group Dental Practices

The landscape of the dental industry is rapidly transforming, and group dental practice leaders must quickly respond to technological advancements and the evolving expectations of patients.  

One important way group dental practices can streamline operations while providing excellent patient service is with the adoption of call center services. By implementing a high-quality call center, leaders have the opportunity to transform patient experiences, streamline operations, and improve profitability.  

Based on our experience consulting with group practices to select and optimize call centers, here are a few ways call centers can evolve your practice. 

The Transformative Impact of Call Centers on Dental Clinics 

  1. Increase new patient conversions. A portion of the call center team focuses on sales and receives focused coaching to best manage incoming new patients calls. For most group dental practices, this results in an average increase in new patient conversions of 14%, resulting in a corresponding 14% increase in marketing-driven revenue.
  2. Deliver better experiences, more efficiently. Call centers enable group dental practices to take advantage of a global workforce while delivering a better patient experience and improving overall performance.  Each position converted will save approximately $20,000 annually in total labor costs for most practices, and can be even higher in some regions.
  3. Cut labor costs by a third. By using advanced telephony call routing software and consolidating calls from multiple offices into a single call center (which can be in one office, in multiple offices, or virtual/at home), labor costs can be reduced by 25% – 30% on average.

Modern dental patients seek more than just excellent clinical care; they prioritize convenience, prompt responses, and exceptional customer service. Leveraging the capabilities of top-notch call center services allows dental practices to meet and exceed these expectations by effectively managing a number of operational and client service responsibilities. 

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