When & Why to Implement a Call Center

Recognizing the right time to take a transformative step can be a game-changer. For many group practices in the dental industry, growth strategies often plateau at four or five locations. Breaking through this ceiling and expanding to 10 or more locations often requires the centralization of operations and the creation of a call center. While this may sound like a daunting task, it’s essential to understand that there is a standardized approach and process, and there are massive benefits that accompany successful implementation.

A call center is not only an achievable endeavor but one that can lead to substantial efficiency gains and financial benefits. Whether you’re setting up a call center for a handful of agents or a large team of 5,000, the fundamental processes remain the same.

When is the right time to consider a call center for my practice?

Once your practice hits three locations or when you start to experience low new patient conversion rates, high salaries, high turnover, missed calls, long wait times for callers, or too much distraction in the office.

What can I expect if I decide to set up a call center?

Here’s what the process looks like. You’ll work with an advisor to:

  • Review your current setup and administrative functions
  • Build your practice’s technology backbone by selecting the right phone system
  • Determine whether your call center will be centralized or decentralized
  • Understand how you can enhance your current team’s capabilities and understand staffing need
  • Align on the implementation process and timeline

For group practices aiming for growth and scalability, creating efficiencies is a top priority. Implementing a call center can be a transformative step in this direction. While it may seem complex, remember that countless businesses worldwide have successfully implemented call centers.

The critical questions discussed here, from technology selection to centralization strategies, are key to your journey. As you strive to grow your group practice and drive efficiency, a well-timed call center can be a strategic asset that takes your business to new heights.


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