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Clarity. Confidence. Results.

Who is Polaris?

We help healthcare entrepreneurs build and sustain successful group practices. We provide support through discovery of needs, executive level consulting, access to capital, and equity partnerships.

Our Guiding Lights


We create clarity to help you build your group practice without roadblocks or confusion getting in the way of your vision.


We create confidence by guiding you through your growth journey and minimizing your opportunities for mistakes.


We create financial and operational results that fulfill your vision for a successful group practice.

How We Can Help

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A one-on-one session to clarify your vision, solidify your foundational structures and develop your growth strategy. This day together is custom-tailored to your needs and designed to assist you in your current growth journey.

Strategic Consulting

Your own “C Suite” personal consulting that typically lasts 12-18 months, depending upon your unique needs and desires. We are very “hands-on” strategists and work directly with the founders, owners and leaders of the business to deliver financial and operational improvement.

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Growth Capital Structures

Every group practice needs a secure and committed guidance line of credit to be able to execute their growth strategy, and we can help you attain just that. We source lending commitments in the range of $3 to $25 million based on your needs, then negotiate rates, terms, and structures on your behalf.

Equity Partnerships

We build and deliver equity models that are based on either buy-in, earn-in, or hybrid approaches to facilitate partnership opportunities for clinical associates and executive leadership. We lead the process to develop these programs in conjunction with your attorney and your CPA so nothing falls through the cracks.

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One of the first steps toward success is establishing your KPI’s. We’ve combined our years of industry experience to create a guide that outlines the 10 most successful KPI’s your practice needs to implement in order to truly grow. Based on real data and proven success, this guide will point you in the right direction to get started. Get yours here!

Our Founders

Perrin DesPortes

Co-Founder & Partner of Polaris
  • BA from Washington and Lee University & MBA from Darla Moore School of Business (Univ. of South Carolina)
  • 4th Generation of Family-Held Dental Distribution business, Thompson Dental Company
  • 15-Year Career as a General Manager at Patterson Dental Supply (Richmond, Metro NY/NJ & Charlotte)
  • Former Co-Founder & Partner at TUSK Partners
  • Husband & 7-Time Father of the Year to my Daughter (sponsored by Rogaine)
  • Avid Cyclist, Tennis Player, Love to Read & Total Coffee Snob

Diwakar Sinha

Co-Founder & Partner of Polaris
  • BS from The Ohio State University
  • 17-Year Career in Healthcare Finance (Sky, B of A, Leaf, Group) & most recently VP of Healthcare Sales for East West Bank
  • Former Co-Founder & Partner at TUSK Partners
  • Father of a 3-Year-Old Daughter & current holder of speed record for diaper change
  • Only person of Indian descent who struggles to operate a computer
  • I recently gave up my Blackberry phone…in 2019…seriously
  • Avid Cyclist, Hiker & Foodie

Our Founders

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