We Guide Entrepreneurial Dentists To Build & Exit Successful Group Practices

Clarity. Confidence. Results.

We Are Hands On Strategists With Deep Dental Industry Experience

Ready to take your group practice to the next level or prepare it for sale? We’ll show you how.

WHO We Are

We’re business development experts who work exclusively with dental groups that are doctor-founded and debt-funded to help you grow or prepare for acquisition.


We help you improve operations and revenue, source financing options, structure equity partnerships, guide growth for start-ups or acquisitions, and develop exit strategies.

WHY We Do It

We’re passionate about helping talented dental entrepreneurs like you build better businesses from the ground up or reap the rewards for a lifetime of effort.

Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Perrin DesPortes

Co-Founder of Polaris

Descended from three generations in the dental distribution business, Perrin brings decades of dental industry experience to Polaris. A former co-founder of TUSK Partners, he is also a proud husband and father and loves to bike, play tennis, read, and judge your coffee choices.

Diwakar Sinha

Co-Founder of Polaris

Now bringing his many years of experience in healthcare finance to Polaris, Diwakar has led deals for major banks and is also a former co-founder of TUSK Partners. He is a recovering Blackberry addict and loves spending time with his daughter, going cycling or hiking, and eating great food.

How We Can Help

Don’t build your business through trial and error. We will accelerate your learning curve and minimize your opportunities for mistakes.


Too often, you don’t know what you don’t know. We’ll support your growth as an executive by helping you develop a broader, deeper understanding of the dental group business, assess options for the future of your group, and create your vision for moving forward.

Growth Solutions

Already in growth mode? We’ll build a financial model of your current business, work with you to create a strategic plan, and give you the tools and resources you need to execute. You’ve set your vision. We’ll help you achieve your desired outcome.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Time to buy, sell, or bring in new partners? We’ll guide you through every step of the process, help you consider your options, and steer things towards the outcome that you want.

Core Values

Our Core Values

What makes Polaris stand out from the crowd? We’re not just about the bottom line, but the manner in which we get there. Always striving to do things the right way, we ground our work in the following core values:

If you Have Specific Questions, We Have Specific Answers.

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