How can an Associate Dentist be a Practice Owner? Equity Models in Dentistry

Dentistry Made Simple with Dr. Tarun ‘TBone’ Agarwal

In this episode, our guest Perrin DesPortes from Polaris Healthcare Partners talks about the world of equity models in dental practices. We explored multiple strategies for growth, stability, and shared success, with a focus on benefits for associates, including opportunities for ownership, shared profits, and alignment of interests with practice owners. From structuring equity deals, practical implementation considerations, and long-term planning, we highlight the importance of third-party consultation and resources to arrange equity effectively.

@01:59  Traditional Model vs. Earned Equity Models

@14:49 Preset Value

@20:45 Rights and Privileges Regarding Equity

@30:39 Market Rate

@39:19 Establishing Your Methodology


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