Polaris Healthcare Partners Named to Axial Top 25 List for Lower Middle Market Investment Banks Activity

Today Axial, private deal platform for professionals who own, advise, and invest in North American lower middle market businesses, released its Q3 2023 activity tables, naming Polaris Healthcare Partners to the list of top 25.

According to Axial, these quarterly league tables reveal the top 25 investment banks active on the Axial platform in Q3, identifying both activity and quality of activity. Axial ranked Polaris and others by:

  • Client quality (based on pursuits per deal and total recommended buyers)
  • Buy-side targeting (pursuit rate per deal)
  • M&A process effectiveness (ability to progress buyers from initial pursuit to NDA to CIM)
  • Deal outcome (IOI, LOI, and closure rates)

“It’s an honor for Polaris Healthcare Partners to be recognized in Axial’s list of the top 25 most active organizations in lower middle market investment banking,” said Polaris co-founders Perrin DesPortes and Diwakar Sinha.“This recognition highlights our commitment to our incredible clients, as well as our high standards of client quality, buyside targeting, M&A process effectiveness, and deal outcomes.”

For the full list, go to:


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