6 Industry Experts Weigh In On The Explosion Of Specialty Platforms

Group Dentistry Now asked 6 industry experts for insights on the acceleration of specialty-focused dental groups & DSOs.

Why is the market changing now?
What is the specialty rise attributed to?
What does the future hold for the specialty market?

Here is what Diwakar Sinha, Co-Founder and Partner, Polaris Healthcare Partners had to say:

“We’ve witnessed the steady rise of specialty-focused dental groups and DSOs due to a number of factors, including insurance coverage shifts, the consumerization of healthcare and a fairly crowded general dentistry space. There continues to be significant demand for these services today, meaning that specialty focused dental groups and DSOs haven’t yet fully saturated the market. As specialty care has matured, and with an expected runway of continued demand, we anticipate this will continue to be an area of growth and interest for larger investment companies.” 

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