Financial Transactions

Navigate the intricate landscape and
formidable challenges of merging
businesses and creating synergy among
multiple owners

Business growth and financial transactions for emerging and mid-size group practices

Growth Capital Solutions

A comprehensive approach to support group practice growth by identifying and engaging with suitable funding sources and negotiating the intricate aspects of the deal’s structure.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A guided process to create ownership outcomes to merge businesses or create equity-based acquisition strategies.

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Sell-Side Advisory

Navigate the intricacies of the sales process with tailored support to determine what a successful exit means for you. 

Increased Equity Value

Build a stronger and more prosperous enterprise with the right partners in your market.

Fair Representation

Negotiation process led by our experts based on “net equity” valuations of each business.

Create Equity Opportunities

Develop a structure to create ownership opportunities for multiple partners.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Create economies of scale by merging with the right partners.

Increased Financial Flexibility

Businesses gain access to additional funding for investing in new opportunities or to address financial challenges.

Faster Growth

Explore the growth opportunities additional capital brings like expansion into new service lines, entering new markets, or acquisitions.

Improved Cash Flow Management 

Realize greater financial stability and flexibility, reducing the risk of a potential liquidity crisis by ensuring you have enough cash on hand to cover operational expenses, invest in growth opportunities, and weather financial challenges.

Favorable Terms

Secure financing with more favorable terms by exploring non-traditional, creative solutions and structures with suitable funding sources.


Explore a list of qualified buyers who align with your specific vision

Financial Modeling

Expert financial analysis to determine the most accurate valuations 

White Glove Delivery

Hands-on, high-touch management of the sales process from kickoff, to close as well as during the diligence and review process


Time spent only on qualified buyers to ensure maximum valuation is achieved

Success Stories

Polaris advisors guide group practice owners through model development, legal structure formation, and financial reporting structure implementation.